05/06/2015 04:27 EDT | Updated 05/07/2015 10:59 EDT

Jim Prentice Resigns And Makes Alberta Really Mad In The Process

Just how mad are Albertans at Jim Prentice?

The answer is pretty darn mad.

The outgoing Alberta premier announced he would leave politics last night, shortly after it became clear his Progressive Conservatives would lose the Alberta election to the NDP.

He also decided to hang up his MLA hat, despite a victory in his Calgary-Foothills riding.

"The voters are always right in our democracy," he conceded, adding he would now devote more time to his family.

The news, however, did not sit well with voters, many of whom were initially upset with his decision to call the $28 million election a year ahead of schedule.

Shortly after his announcement to step down, people in his riding called Prentice a "quitter", "pouter", and "baby," reported 770 News.

Twitter users also had a few words for Prentice's choice to resign:

Many were upset about the additional cost a byelection will bring:

Others pointed out past transgressions of the PC party:

And some just thought it was a petty, classless move:

This probably sums it up best:

Jim Prentice was in power for 233 days. But it will take Albertans a lot longer to forget how he quit.

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