05/06/2015 06:40 EDT | Updated 05/06/2016 05:59 EDT

Scarborough break-in spree prompts police warnings

Toronto police are looking for several suspects they believe are behind at least 58 daytime break-ins in Scarborough in the last six weeks — more than one break-in per day.

Police in 42 Division, which runs from Highway 401 north to Steeles Avenue and from Victoria Park Avenue west to Pickering Town Line, say all of the break-ins have happened in broad daylight in the same area.

"In some of these cases, there have been persons we believe responsible, that have been soliciting or acting as solicitors," said Det. Sgt. Gerry Heaney.

In addition to getting an eye on the houses, police have targeted homes with thick hedges or trees blocking the view of the home from the sidewalk.

Resident Tessie Tesoro, who has tall shrubs that block her lower windows, admitted they may be a risk.

"It really is a good cover for those who are going to break into your house … especially the basement," she said.

Neighbours have been urged to keep an eye on nearby homes. 

Police warn residents to take extra precaution when securing their homes and report anything suspicious they see.

Police are also issued the following tips:

- Keep trees and hedges trimmed

- Park your car in the driveway rather than the garage

- Contact police if you see someone suspicious