05/06/2015 02:39 EDT | Updated 05/07/2015 07:00 EDT

People Supporting Ontario's Sex Ed Curriculum Make Their Mark


Over the past week in Ontario, thousands of students have been taken out of school by their parents as a protest against Ontario's new sex ed curriculum.

In response, proponents of the new curriculum — which has been endorsed by experts ranging from mental health advocates to child safety experts to senior educators — have taken to social media to demonstrate why they believe sex education is important under the hashtag #supportsexed.

Started by Planned Parenthood, the hashtag encourages people to upload their own reasons why they support sex education in schools, particularly this revised curriculum.

Supporters' reasons range from never having learned this information from their own parents to an optimistic hope that giving children these lessons can help create a society without sexual assault. They also come from a highly diverse group, breaking through religious, gender and age lines to show how a change in education could benefit many members of society.

Take a look at some of these worthy reasons people believe in sex ed:


Ontario Sex Education By Grade