05/07/2015 03:08 EDT | Updated 05/07/2015 03:59 EDT

WATCH: Elderly Women Share Their Mother's Advice

No matter how independent you are, everyone needs a little motherly advice every now and then.

In the video above, Glamour asks six elderly women to recall the best advice they got from their mothers before sharing their own advice for new mothers. The result? Proof that moms really do know what's best.

Repeating the empowering words of their mothers, the women — two of whom were born in 1896 — reinforce the statements and admit their moms were right, even if they didn't always follow the advice.

And when it comes to sharing tips for new moms, these ladies seem to have all the answers themselves, from simple warnings to words of support.

Watch the video above to learn a century's worth of advice from moms and for moms. Then we want to know — what was the best piece of advice your mom gave you?

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