05/07/2015 07:36 EDT | Updated 05/07/2016 05:59 EDT

Duffy's Pub in Kelowna gives customers gift certificates for leaving car behind

A Kamloops pub is getting a lot of praise online after a customer posted a picture on Reddit of a gift certificate they received for leaving their car in the parking lot after a night of drinking.

"[It's] just a small appreciation. I leave them a little surprise, a little gift certificate with a note explaining why and it's turned out really well," said Arthur Dolmat, owner of Duffy's Pub. "I would have a cup of coffee and look out the window and watch them pick up their cars and they'd have this big smile on their face."

Dolmat says the pub has been doing this for years. 

"When the new liquor laws came out years back, I noticed customers were starting to use alternative ways of getting home instead of drinking and driving," said Dolmat. "I noticed more and more vehicles being left behind in our parking lot and I figured, they had a great time at my pub, might as well reward them for making the right choice."

Dolmat is shocked his gesture has received this much attention.

"I feel like we are doing the right thing here encouraging people not to drink and drive and it feels good, said Dolmat. 

"We're like an old neighbourhood pub. People like to come and everybody knows their name. its just like Cheers."