05/07/2015 10:56 EDT | Updated 05/07/2016 05:59 EDT

Montreal cricket players struggle to find place to play

Despite being one of the fastest-growing sports in Montreal, cricket enthusiasts are having trouble finding a place to play.

Spring marks the beginning of cricket season, but a typical Montreal hotspot for cricket will no longer host matches. Raymond Park in Lasalle is closed because last spring, the sport was banned in the borough.

"Right now, we're in trouble. It seems as if we're not going to be playing any cricket this year," said Valentine Miller, spokesman for the Montreal Caribbean Cricket Society.

Lasalle's mayor, Manon Barbe, says neighbours complained balls were flying over the 50 foot netting, and onto people's properties.

"They go over the houses and hit the cars sometimes on the street," she said.

The borough made an effort to try and find another space in Lasalle, but couldn't find an area large enough. Barbe referred the matter to the city, but the league is still waiting for a response.

The city executive in charge of sports, Dimitrios Beis, said he didn't hear about the problem until last week.

"It's unfortunate for me to hear about it so late in the process. But nothing is impossible," he said.

Miller said cricket players are hoping they find a solution fast — there's a big tournament in two weeks.

Beis said he'll work to find a short-term solution, then come up with a plan to create more places to play. He said he'd meet with the league next week.