05/07/2015 01:56 EDT | Updated 05/07/2015 05:59 EDT

'Put A Rang On It' Reimagines Celebrities And Famous Faces As Redheads

Ever wondered what your favourite celebrities would look like with red hair, red eyebrows and freckles? Well, thanks to a new Instagram/Tumblr account, you won't have to ponder any longer!

Called "Put A Rang On It," the account takes photos of non-red haired celebrities and transforms them into redheads. It was created by Australian advertising creatives Nadia Ahmad and Josephine Burns, who came up with the punny name for the blog three years ago (in Australia, "ranga" is a slang term for someone with red hair).

"The name was too good to not do something with, so I recently decided to focus on famous faces and the response has been overwhelming in just a few days of it launching," Ahmad wrote to MTV News in an email.

Celebrities receiving the ginger-fied transformation include Kendall Jenner, Celion Dion, Ryan Gosling and even President Obama, each of which have been given customized "ranga" name (seriously, their play on words is quite clever).

Check some of the makeovers below!

Kendall Jennerang

Rangyan Gosling

Keirang Knightley

Justin Timberang


Ranganna @badgalriri #putarangonit #rihanna

A photo posted by Put A Rang On It (@putarangonit) on

Kim Krangdashian

Rangye West

Cerang Dion

Barang Obama

Barang Obama @barackobama #putarangonit #obama

A photo posted by Put A Rang On It (@putarangonit) on

Carang Delevingne

Check out the rest of the celebrity transformations here.

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