05/07/2015 01:20 EDT | Updated 05/07/2016 05:59 EDT

Stolen credit cards used to supply party that ruined Calgary home: police

CALGARY - Police say stolen credit cards were used to buy food and booze for a party that left a Calgary home in ruins.

The owners rented out the house in the city's northwest the last weekend in April through online accommodation service AirBnB.

They returned to find their home completely trashed.

Police have said they were called to the home several times that weekend for noise complaints about what they called a "drug-induced orgy."

It’s believed the damage totals $150,000.

Investigators are asking anyone who has any information about what happened to come forward so police can find the people responsible.

Mark and Star King said they rented out the house to someone who said four people needed accommodation while they were in Calgary for a wedding.

But neighbours reported that within hours of the Kings handing over the keys, a party bus and upwards of 100 people showed up.

The Kings have not been able to live in the house while it is being cleaned and repaired. AirBnB is looking after the cost.