05/08/2015 03:00 EDT | Updated 05/08/2016 05:59 EDT

5 ways to protect yourself from tick bites

While most people think about taking precautions against overexposure to the sun while enjoying summer activities outdoors, experts say it's more important than ever this year to also take precautions to prevent tick bites. 

Biologists are reporting that tick numbers are increasing in this region due to global warming. 

Ticks are linked to Lyme disease, which can cause cardiac and nervous system complications in humans. 

Shaun Turney, a PhD student in Entomology at McGill University, has these tips to offer on how to protect yourself this summer:

- Wear insect repellent with DEET. DEET should not be applied to infants. Children under 12 should use 10 per cent concentration DEET, while adults can use 30 per cent DEET.

- Wear long pants and long-sleeve shirts while walking in the forest.

- Tuck your pants into your socks. It may look silly, but it's an effective way to protect your legs. 

- Stay on groomed trails while hiking. Avoid walking into the under brush.

- After your hike, check your body for ticks right away. Ask a friend to check your back. If you find one, pull it off with tweezers. There's no need to panic because it takes several days for a tick to transmit any diseases. 

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