05/08/2015 01:05 EDT | Updated 05/08/2015 01:59 EDT

MSNBC Thinks It's Called The Wildhorse Party, Which Is Awesome


American cable channel MSNBC tried throwing in its two cents after the Alberta election, and it got the name of the official opposition spectacularly wrong.

During a May 7 segment of The Ed Show, hosted by Ed Schultz, this glorious breakdown of election results came up.


Yes, MSNBC thinks the Wildrose Party is called the Wildhorse party.

It's so wrong that maybe it should be right.

An opposition must be strong and agile. Like a horse. Alberta has horses. So why can't we call it the Wildhorse party?

We need more people like Ed Schultz to make this name stick. Let's get to work, Ed Schultz. Let's get to work like a Wildhorse.

ed schultz

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