05/08/2015 06:05 EDT | Updated 05/08/2016 05:59 EDT

Biologist seeing 'more ticks than we have in any other year'

A biology professor and researcher from Mount Allison University says there are more ticks in New Brunswick this spring than ever before.

Vett Lloyd says the deep, heavy snow pack over the winter insulated the tick population and she expects they will be plentiful for the rest of this year.

"We're seeing more ticks than we have in any other year so I think it's going to be quite a busy year for ticks," Lloyd said.

She says the increase in the number of ticks doesn't mean people should avoid going outside.

"But when you go outside it's important to remember that there are ticks out there and to check yourself, check your dogs, check your children when you come inside."

Lloyd has been researching ticks that cause Lyme disease but plans to expand that research to also look at ticks that cause Rocky Mountain spotted fever and Bartonella.

She says in New Brunswick the highest concentration of ticks is in the south, along the coast and along the borders with Quebec and Maine.

A Maritime conference on ticks and Lyme disease will be held in Moncton on Saturday. A news release says, "With the snow melting, all signs point to a bumper crop of ticks this year in the Maritime region."