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This Is What Happens When An Average Guy Tries To Eat Like 'The Rock'

Celebrities always seem to have the perfect bodies, which is why you'll find their diet secrets consistently splashed across a variety of health magazine covers.

But not all celebrity diets are focused on slimming down. Some of the most strict routines are focused on bulking up and building bulging muscles. But just because you want to look like a body builder doesn't mean your body is ready for you to start eating like one.

Hollywood A-lister, Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson revealed his intense diet and exercise regime — which includes 10 pounds of food daily — to Muscle and Fitness magazine earlier this year, and most unfairly, it's not even delicious.

Each meal consists of protein, carbohydrates and veggies — and no French fries aren't included as one of his carbs. But it's his startling intake of cod fish that has most fans flustered. CBC reports the former wrestler eats 1,000 calories worth of cod each day and nearly 820 pounds of the fish per year.

So what happens when a featherweight tries to eat like a heavyweight? In the video above Complex magazine’s Sean Evans takes on the challenge and struggles to get through a single day. Eating meals during meetings and dinner at the gym, Evans is a trooper for trying this stunt despite his hatred for fish.

Watch the video above to see how Evans did. Do you think you can complete The Rock's daily diet challenge? Let us know in the comments below.

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