05/08/2015 11:56 EDT | Updated 05/08/2016 05:59 EDT

Ian Donovan, Alberta Tory, Concedes After Recount In Little Bow Riding


COALDALE, Alta. - One of the 11 former Wildrose members who crossed the floor to join the Tories has conceded defeat in this week's provincial election.

Initial results of voting in Little Bow showed Wildrose candidate Dave Schneider beat incumbent Ian Donovan by 12 votes, but on Friday Donovan conceded after a recount, saying fewer than 10 votes actually made the difference.

In a Facebook post, Schneider called it “an emotional roller-coaster,” adding he’s looking forward to the Wildrose caucus meeting on Monday.

Donovan crossed the floor from the Wildrose to the Tories along with Kerry Towle, just weeks before former leader Danielle Smith and a handful of others did the same.

Elections Alberta is to release the official results of the provincial election on May 15, including the outcome of the race in Calgary Glenmore which ended in an unofficial tie.

Drew Westwater, Elections Alberta spokesman, says returning officers are conducting the official count of ballots in all 87 constituencies.

He says the official count is standard in Alberta and is used to confirm the results that were announced Tuesday night.

Westwater says Elections Alberta will automatically apply to the court for a judicial recount if there is still a tie in Calgary Glenmore after the numbers are verified.


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