05/11/2015 01:57 EDT | Updated 05/12/2015 12:59 EDT

Bear Killed Camper In Northern B.C.: Officials

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A black bear attacked and killed a camper in northern B.C. on the weekend, said conservation officials.

Daniel Ward Folland O'Connor, 27, was sleeping outside near the fire pit at a campground outside Mackenzie on Sunday night, said a news release from the BC Coroners Service.

His fiancée, Jami Wallace, had slept in their motorhome and awoke to find him gone, O'Connor's father, Danny, told CBC News. She followed a trail of blood from their campsite to the bushes where she discovered his body.

Wallace drove for help because there was no cellphone service in the area, reported CBC.

Danny O'Connor made it to the scene to find a bear standing over his son's body, said the outlet.

RCMP and conservation officers confirmed that O'Connor's injuries were consistent with a black bear attack. A 300-pound bear, believed to be responsible for the mauling, was shot to death by a Mountie.

A lone wolf that had also been at the scene was also killed because at the time, officers didn't know what had caused O'Connor's death.

Wallace wrote on Facebook: "Ward had nothing but respect for nature. A few mornings before we watched a wolf stalk our camp, instead of scaring it away, we remained quiet and watched in awe. Ward is just as mad the bear was shot, trust me."

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