05/11/2015 07:58 EDT | Updated 05/11/2016 05:59 EDT

SUV Crashes Through Northeast Edmonton Home

Seven family members were sleeping early today when an SUV crashed into the main floor of their home.

The impact of the crash around 2 a.m. moved the kitchen island and collapsed part of an exterior wall of the home.

No one was injured, despite major damage to the northeast home. 

"It sounded like a tractor-trailer going over a bridge, really loud, booming sound," said neighbour Emmanuel Altaye.

The family had just moved into the house.

Const. Rick Evans told CBC that the home will have to be torn down after the SUV drove through the back yard all the way through to the front of the home. 

A fence post that catapulted through the air crashed into the second-floor window where a girl was sleeping. The fence post landed, police said, just inches from her head. 

The SUV driver, a 29-year-old-man, was arrested at the scene. Police said impaired and dangerous driving charges are pending. 

A section of 153rd Avenue near 50th Street was closed part of Monday morning, but has since reopened to traffic.


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