05/11/2015 09:59 EDT | Updated 05/11/2016 05:59 EDT

Turkey on the loose in Villeray

Liane Morin was gardening in her Villeray alley on Sunday when she was surprised to see a turkey slowly amble by.

Morin says the turkey — which appeared to be stressed — turned onto De Gaspé Avenue near Villeray Street and ran along the sidewalk.

Morin wasn't the only one who spotted the turkey.

"The neighbours were all out watching together," Morin said. "They were laughing as the turkey wandered around."

The turkey generated a lot of buzz on social media, as neighbours caught a glimpse of it.

Morin called Berger Blanc, the shelter responsible for animals in the borough, to alert them of the turkey on the loose. She was told they'd send somebody to take a look.

Morin has no idea where the turkey came from or whether it was somebody's pet.

"It was just really surprising to see!"