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Baby Naming Traditions From Across The Globe

We've rounded up baby naming traditions from around the globe!

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Every parent can relate to the pressure of naming a child. From the moment the pregnancy is announced until the day of the delivery, everyone eagerly awaits news of the name.

It's a decision that's been known to divide expecting couples and their families. In fact, last year, one couple was so divided that they actually entrusted their baby naming responsibilities to the people of the internet, just for the sake of keeping the peace.

Adding to the weight of the decision for many parents today is originality. So from their favorite TV series to their pantries and even the produce aisle, parents search far and wide for namespiration.

Fortunately for some infants around the globe, certain countries enforce strict baby-naming laws intended to protect children from a life of ridicule. Because we all know it can be easy for parents to get a little carried away in the quest of originality.

Creativity isn't the gold standard for parents everywhere, however. In certain countries, cultures and religions, naming a newborn has long been considered a sacred practice, believing that a name has the power to influence a child's life (talk about pressure). So that being said, we've rounded up baby naming traditions from around the globe! Check them out in the slideshow below.

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