10 Baking Hacks That Will Make Your Life Easier

Unless you consider baking a regular hobby, you might not always have the right baking supplies on hand all the time.

In the video above, Buzzfeed looks at 10 life-changing baking hacks that will get you from mixing to munching in minutes. No muffin tin? No problem. The 2:03 minute video includes a trick to turn your mason jar lids into makeshift muffin holders — and once those muffins are baked and chilled, there's even tips for frosting them without the piping bag.

But it's not just the equipment tricks that will change the way you bake. Whether you're struggling to remove a shard of egg shell from your yolks or having a hard time slicing through hardened butter, these solutions are so simple you'll wonder why you hadn't tried them before.

And once you're done watching the video, try out the new tricks while baking the recipes below.

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