05/12/2015 12:39 EDT | Updated 05/12/2016 05:59 EDT

Hydro One employee fired after yelling FHRITP at CityNews reporter Shauna Hunt

A Hydro One employee has been fired for hurling obscenities at a Toronto reporter, after video of her confronting her hecklers went viral.

"Hydro One is taking steps to terminate the employee for violating our code of conduct," said Hydro One's director of corporate affairs Daffyd Roderick in a statement. "Respect for all people is engrained in the code and our values. We are committed to a work environment where discrimination or harassment of any type is met with zero tolerance."

Shauna Hunt of CityNews was the latest woman targeted by a boorish trend known as FHRITP heckling, when a group of men shouted sexually explicit comments into her microphone as she tried to cover a Toronto FC soccer game.

FHRITP stands for f--k her right in the p---y.

But Hunt decided to confront the aggressors.

"When you talk into my microphone and say that into my camera to viewers at the station I work at, that is disrespectful and degrading to me," Hunt says to the hecklers, one of whom asks incredulously why the camera operator is filming him.

She asks the men what could possibly motivate them to taunt women in this way and demanded to know what their mothers would think of their conduct.

The men can be heard dismissing her questions and saying their mothers would have found the so-called prank funny.

The trend, which has been playing out in cities across Canada and the United States for more than a year, has been publicly condemned by two Canadian police forces and Ontario's premier. Police in Calgary and Toronto have said future hecklers could face criminal charges, while Premier Kathleen Wynne tweeted against workplace sexual harassment.

MLSE to ban hecklers

Toronto FC owner Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment released a statement Monday that it is "working to identify" the hecklers and will ban them from all facilities. "We're appalled that this trend of disrespectful behaviour would make its way to our city, let alone anywhere near our stadium," MSLE said.

MSLE also said it is working with local television outlets to provide security support for female reporters during their games.

"Our organization is committed to an environment where everyone can feel safe and included and discrimination or intolerance of any kind will be met with a swift and serious response."