Millennials Are More Open To Premarital Sex, Fewer Partners

Gen Y and Gen X have different views on a lot of things, and when it comes to sex, research shows they are just as divided.

According to a recent study from San Diego State University, millennials are more open to premarital sex compared to their parents. However, they also have fewer sex partners than their parents did.

The research shows Gen Y averaged 8.26 sexual partners, which was compared to an average of 11 partners for Gen X. These results, however, were actually unexpected.

"The changes have caused a large generation gap in both attitudes toward premarital sex and number of sexual partners. It's the first generation to always ride in a car seat, have safer playgrounds, and have parents who won't let them walk to the playground," said lead researcher Jean M. Twenge.

Not only are attitudes changing, other research shows the way the younger generation dates also differs. Of course, with the introduction and use of technology, millennials are more likely to use dating apps, dating sites and have occasional hook-ups. Sex is seen more social and experimental, Time magazine notes.

But all these changes in sexual habits also comes with critics. While Gen Y has been labelled as a hook-up culture that doesn't want commitment, studies like this one definitely shows things are changing.

Watch the video above to find out why researchers believe this generation has fewer sexual partners to begin with.


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