05/12/2015 06:16 EDT | Updated 05/12/2016 05:12 EDT

Terrence Ross, Raptors forward, has stern message for fans

Guess what Toronto Raptors fans?

Forward Terrence Ross has posted a scolding message to you on his Instagram account to remind you of how good a season 2014-15 was for his team.

In the understatement of the year, Ross admits that the Raptors "didn't have the greatest playoff run," but then emphasizes that they still had "a hell of a season."


Given that Ross regressed in every aspect of his game as the season went along, it's questionable to hear a statement like that come from him.

It also might not have been the best time for Ross to put the spotlight on himself in this way. The 24-year-old is under contract for next season, but beyond that, management will have a decision to make about Ross' future in Toronto.