05/13/2015 12:36 EDT | Updated 05/12/2016 05:59 EDT

Canadiens playoff journey ends, Lightning advance to conference finals

No misnomer in the house tonight.

The Tampa Bay Lightning lived up to their name and crackled and popped in Game 6 on Tuesday, while the Montreal Canadiens fizzled when it mattered most.

Steven Stamkos only scored one goal, but led the way for his team by being an threat every time he touched the ice.

His goal was the second of the game which would prove to be all the Lightning needed to best the Canadiens who could not muster more than 19 shots on opposing goaltender Ben Bishop.

At the other end was Carey Price. Scored on twice in the second period when the Canadiens were mightily outplayed by Tampa Bay, Price stood tall and claimed the loss when meeting the media after the game.

"I didn't come up with a couple of saves that I needed to make to give us that opportunity."

Take a seat Price. This one is not on you.

You are playing behind a team with limited scoring ability and a power play weaker than the drinks at ladies night.

The Habs made it exciting, but tonight the better team won.

And the Canadiens looked, in the words of their coach Michel Therrien, "mentally and physically exhausted." Probably how some Habs fans feel watching the same story play out year after year.