05/13/2015 07:13 EDT | Updated 05/13/2016 05:59 EDT

Chris Lloyd, Papineau Conservative, says he was asked to resign

Chris Lloyd says he tried to convince the Conservative party that he could "weather this media storm" after a CBC News investigation revealed his campaign and party involvement were part of a decade-long art project.

In an open letter to Prime Minister Stephen Harper, published late last night on Lloyd's blog — Dear PM — Lloyd described the fallout after the news surfaced.

"I met [redacted] at a café where I tried … to convince him we could weather this media storm together, but to no avail," he writes.

"He presented me with the resignation papers and I signed."

Lloyd, a native of Saint John, N.B., was acclaimed in February as the candidate to run against Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau in the Montreal riding of Papineau.

At an art discussion in Fredericton in March, Lloyd said he was a member of all political parties at one point, as well as a member of Leadnow, a group bent on preventing a Conservative majority.

It was at that same art discussion that Lloyd said he's been writing about his plan to become a candidate for years.

"I'm going to like mess with your party, I'm totally, like, going to wait till the writ is dropped then it's going to be party time," he said.

In his latest blog post, Lloyd said he tried to explain the "messing with" quotation to the person he met with, but didn't have any luck.

The artist added that, while his candidacy was short-lived, he hopes the experience will provide fresh insights.

He wrote that he believes making art is "an inherently political act — sometimes more political than we realize."