05/13/2015 01:17 EDT | Updated 05/13/2016 05:59 EDT

Critics fill Police Week hashtag with unanswered questions

A Twitter hashtag meant to promote policing in Ontario is instead being used to criticize police practices like carding, but police forces are ignoring the questions and social media commentary. 

Police services and organizations across the province are marking Ontario Police Week, from May 10 to 16, with barbecues, meet-and-greets and recruitment drives, all promoted with the #PoliceWeekONT hashtag. 

But critics of police conduct have been using that hashtag to try to get answers about carding, police violence and racism.  

Jared Walker was among the first to use the Police Week hashtag to as a way to raise these topics on Twitter. 

Many of the most popular tweets using the #PoliceWeekONT tag, based on replies and retweets, were written by freelance journalist Desmond Cole.

Cole wrote this month's Toronto Life cover article about being stopped by police repeatedly during his lifetime solely because, as he says, "I'm black." 

So far, no Ontario police service has responded to any of the posts questioning police conduct or criticizing police practices. 

Ontario Police Week has been marked each May since 1970.