05/13/2015 08:50 EDT | Updated 05/13/2016 05:59 EDT

Eight Winnipeg soldiers from First World War laid to rest in France

WINNIPEG - Eight Winnipeg Grenadiers have finally been laid to rest in France almost 100 years after their deaths.

The First World War soldiers were buried with military honours at Caix British Cemetery in Caix, France.

Their remains were found in Hallu, France, in 2006 and 2007.

Only five of them have been identified so far.

After the Winnipeg Grenediers received orders to capture the small French village, about 50 of them were killed and another 54 were reported missing.

The eight were killed on August 11, 1918 — exactly three months before the war ended.

All five of the men who were identified were living in Manitoba when they enlisted, though four of them were born elsewhere.

Lt. Clifford Abraham Neelands, who was 26, had come from Barrie, Ont.; Lance Sgt. John Oscar Lindell, 33, was born in Sweden; Pte. Lachlan McKinnon, 29, was originally from Scotland; and Pte. Sidney Halliday, 22, was from England.

The fifth, Pte. William Simms, was born in Russell, Man., and was 25 when he died.