Adorable 102-Year-Old Grandma Loses Her Dentures Blowing Out Candles

Well, this is one way to celebrate your age!

In a video that has now gone viral, New Haven, Connecticut, resident Louise Bonito was filmed by her granddaughters blowing out her candles on her 102th birthday in April.

"I took a deep, deep, breath and with all my might I blew out the candles and then my teeth came out," Bonito told ABC News. "Well, my grandchildren went crazy laughing, and laughing."

One of her granddaughters, Lisa Addario, told the news site her grandmother didn't feel like using her normal glue on that day. And hey, we can't blame her, it really was her day.

And although it may be a short clip, the joy on this woman's face will instantly brighten your day. After all, laughter really is the best medicine.

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