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Kevin O'Leary Didn't Drown On 'Celebrity Jeopardy!' -- He Tanked.

We thought Kevin O'Leary didn't like seeing "zero."

Kevin O'Leary might be "Mr. Wonderful" on Bay Street. But he was Mr. Wrong on "Celebrity Jeopardy!" Tuesday night.

The Canadian star of ABC's "Shark Tank" competed against NFL quarterback Aaron Rodgers and astronaut Mark Kelly on an episode that saw him try to raise cash for a Boston charity.

O'Leary stumbled out of the gate, misspelling his nickname as "Mr. Wonderfull" on the podium.

Torontoist did a play-by-play recap of O'Leary's appearance on the show.

It noted that O'Leary incorrectly identified Liechtenstein as Europe's smallest country (it's Vatican City). He sat at -$400 at the end of the first round.

But that wasn't his lowest point. The National Post noted that, at -$800, he incorrectly answered a question about Bruce Springsteen, which subsequently took him down to -$2,800.

And that's how O'Leary went into the final round. This being "Celebrity Jeopardy!," he was permitted to answer the final question with a score of $1,000.

But that, too, he answered incorrectly, when he said that two men sitting in motorcycles were the Wright Brothers (they were Harley and Davidson).

To be fair, none of the contestants answered that one correctly. But O'Leary nevertheless finished with a score of $0. Rodgers won the game with $8,339.

We thought you didn't like seeing "zero," Kevin.

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