05/13/2015 15:18 EDT | Updated 05/13/2016 01:12 EDT

Lobby senators, including Tories, on Reform Act, Conservative MP urges public

OTTAWA - Conservative Michael Chong says it would be an abomination if the Senate thwarts his bill to rebalance power between MPs and the party leaders.Chong's Reform Act, which was passed by an overwhelming majority of MPs from the three major parties in March, is now facing stiff opposition in the upper chamber.Some of that opposition is coming from within Chong's own Conservative caucus.As a result, the Ontario MP is now urging Canadians who support his private member's bill to write to senators from their province — including those who are Tories — and tell them they want the bill passed.The proposed legislation would give MPs in party caucuses the power over suspension and reinstatement of colleagues, and also the ability to trigger a leadership review vote.Another section of the bill removes a party leader's veto power over electoral candidates.