WATCH: Prince Harry Performs Traditional Warrior Dance

Prince Harry is keen on embracing Kiwi culture.

During his royal tour of New Zealand, Harry participated in a traditional Maori dance called the haka at Linton Military Camp. The prince practiced the routine for only 20 minutes before performing it in front of cameras. The passionate dance, which was traditionally performed on the battle field, involves stomping your feet and beating your chest while chanting and sticking out your tongue.

The prince, who has been in New Zealand since May 9, left fans swooning after being photographed with school children on Stewart Island and then revealing to Sky News that he would love to have kids right now.

The Pacific Island isn't just making the prince think about his future — he had quite the flashback in Christchurch this week too. As the prince was greeting fans in the rain, he spotted a familiar face, reports the Telegraph. Vicky McBratley, Harry's former prep school teacher, waited among the crowd to see the prince and present him with photos from his school years.

Watch the video above to see Prince Harry's performance.

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