05/13/2015 05:35 EDT | Updated 05/14/2015 10:59 EDT

24 Vancouver Restaurants In 24 Hours Is True 'Day Of Gluttony'

Six stops for breakfast, and 18 for lunch and dinner.

Talk about dining and dashing.

The two hosts of "Day of Gluttony," an online food series, ate their way through 24 Vancouver restaurants in 24 hours.

Harry Yuan and Bruce Aguirre tackled six different stops for breakfast, and nine each for lunch and dinner.

There was one rule: finish every single dish they ordered — which they (somehow) managed to do.

The video, which airs on Tastemade, follows the duo through many of the city's award-winning restaurants, coffee shops, and sushi bars.

The pair has also applied the 24-hour challenge in Toronto and Montreal, along with many others across the U.S.

Here's the full list of spots they visited in Vancouver, in case you're interested in attempting the epic food tour yourself:


  1. Matchstick Coffee Roasters
  2. Café Medina
  3. Cartems Donuterie
  4. Revolver
  5. Commune Cafe
  6. Caffé Brixton

  8. BaoQi Eateri
  9. Whats Shaken
  10. Boulevard
  11. Homer St Cafe and Bar
  12. Shizen Ya
  13. Timbertrain Coffee Roasters
  14. Pourhouse
  15. The Diamond
  16. L’Abattoir

  18. Brassneck Brewery
  19. Chicha
  20. Burdock & Co.
  21. Upstairs at Campagnolo
  22. Mamie Taylor’s
  23. Bao Bei
  24. The Union
  25. Guilt & Co.
  26. Gringo

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