05/14/2015 07:14 EDT | Updated 05/14/2016 05:59 EDT

Clean-up continues at Kipling Avenue highrise

The clean-up continues at Etobicoke's Orchard Towers, where city crews have spent more than a week hauling away trash that has been thrown from the highrise building located at 2777 Kipling Ave.

City officials say that complaints about the building's condition have been coming in for years.

The city says it has changed the way it enforces rental standards.

Instead of pursuing a strategy involving a trip to court, the city will often clean up or fix a property on its own. The cost of these efforts get tacked on to a landlord's property taxes.

After the city finishes the clean-up behind the Kipling Avenue building, it will fix the broken garbage chutes that tenants say are at the root of the ongoing problem.

CBC News has tried repeatedly to reach the building's landlord, but has yet to do so.

Watch the video to see a full report from the CBC's Trevor Dunn.