05/14/2015 08:42 EDT | Updated 05/14/2016 05:59 EDT

Ryan Holmes, Hootsuite Founder And C-51 Critic, Tweets NDP Thanks

In politics, as in life, it's rarely a bad idea to say thank you.

Just ask the New Democrats, who triggered a wave of twitter-driven goodwill — and free publicity — after going out of their way to acknowledge the efforts of an outspoken critic of the government's proposed anti-terror bill.

On Wednesday night, Hootsuite founder Ryan Holmes tweeted a picture of a letter he had just received from New Democrat Leader Tom Mulcair, with the following comment:

"Myself and 140+ tech leaders were called unpatriotic … then this from @NDP_HQ, class."

As of Thursday morning,  Holmes' message had been retweeted 512 times.

The back story:

Holmes came under fire from Conservative MP Laurie Hawn last week after he and more than 140 other Canadian tech and business leaders signed an open letter to the government, in which they warned that the controversial new counter-terror provisions would both "undermine Canada's reputation and change our business climate for the worse."

During the final round of debate, Hawn noted that "several NDP members" had cited the letter, which was published in the National Post.

"I would suggest that if websites providing content, hosting services or other businesses are profiting from the dispersal of this type of horrific material, they should seriously reconsider their business model and lack of commitment to the values that bind us as Canadians," he told the House.

The bill, which was supported by the Liberals, passed the Commons last week, and is expected to make it through the Senate later this month.

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