05/14/2015 08:52 EDT | Updated 05/14/2016 05:59 EDT

Inquest into taxi drop-off death hears woman didn't want to go home

WINNIPEG - An inquest into the death of Heather Brenan has been told the 68-year-old did not want to go home because she did not feel she could care for herself.

Brenan was sent home in a taxi cab in the middle of the night after spending three days in the emergency room of Seven Oaks Hospital.

She collapsed as she stepped through the threshold of the back door of her house and died the next day in hospital.

An autopsy determined a blood clot in her lung killed her.

Martha Hryniuk, a social worker whose job is to determine if patients have adequate living arrangements, testified Thursday that she spoke to Brenan the day before she was discharged.

Hryniuk said Brenan told her she had mobility issues, and needed help bathing, doing laundry and cleaning.

She hadn’t been eating much for months and had lost 40 pounds, so Brenan went to the ER at Seven Oaks after having trouble swallowing and breathing.

Hryniuk told the court that Brenan said she didn’t want to leave until a doctor could determine why she was having trouble.

However, the next day a doctor discharged Brenan.

Brenan's daughter, Dana, has previously the emergency department seemed overwhelmed and staff saw her mother as "an inconvenience."

(Global Winnipeg)