05/14/2015 12:19 EDT | Updated 05/14/2015 12:59 EDT

Samatha Bee's Late Night Show On TBS Seems Pretty Kick Ass

Comedian Samantha Bee is pretty tired of all the sausage in late night television world.

The Canadian actress and author, best known for her work on "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart," is coming to late night with her very own series on TBS. In the teaser trailer above, Bee hilariously points out the male-dominated late night industry and compares her fellow hosts to pieces of meat — sausage, to be exact.

Now while the late night industry is predominantly hosted by white men, some YouTube users were quick to point out Bee didn't depict late night female hosts of the past, like Joan Rivers, Chelsea Handler, Kathy Griffin and Whitney Cummings. However, as other users pointed out, not only were these women's shows cancelled, but there still is a huge gap between the number of male and female hosts.

No premiere date for Bee's show has been set yet ... but we will be waiting.

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