05/15/2015 11:43 EDT | Updated 05/15/2015 11:59 EDT

Bald Baby Problems Will Make You Forget Your Worries


If your baby was born with a bare head, you can likely relate to these #BaldBabyProblems we found on Instagram. From confusing a girl for a boy to avoiding sunburns, these little ones have the cutest "issues."

Also don't worry about your baby's baldness! Your little one will eventually grow some locks. It just might not grow in as fast as you'd like. Then you'll have to deal with combing and maintaining it. So enjoy the baldness while it lasts!

In the meantime, check out these cute baldies!

Borrowing Daddy's so she doesn't get a sunburned head. #BaldBabyProblems #ariaeileen @jimmik531

A photo posted by Suzanne (@zannemar1) on

Bows in public so people know she's a she lol #baldbabyproblems #godmadegirls

A photo posted by Sara Hudgens (@smh8412) on

She has like 3 little hairs on the top, thats enough for a bow hahaha #baldbabyproblems

A photo posted by 🎀Emily Rodriguez🎀 (@emilyyy96___) on

With the help of mermaid Barbie, Micah just made all of Lea's hair dreams come true. #baldbabyproblems

A photo posted by Caitℓin Nalder (@caitlinsusette) on

We have Anna braids!! Finally! #baldbabyproblems #finallygettinglongerhair #3-1/2yearsinthemaking

A photo posted by Amber Weldon (@thimbleful) on

Shea's hair is finally growing. Watch out world... #baldbabyproblems

A photo posted by Caitlin Lindsey (@cait.lindsey) on

The one and only ever smiling picture with his hat on #baldbabyproblems #philmitchellhair

A photo posted by Karen (@karenxdanniixronnie) on


A photo posted by Sophia Chen (@badgalsofa) on

Mari is finally getting some hair... Unfortunately most of it is in the shape of mullet. #BaldBabyProblems

A photo posted by Sam Centellas (@samspeakerguy) on

#uggs #headband #leopardprint people still think I'm a boy #baldbabyproblems

A photo posted by Kathleen Tipton (@ktipton61712) on

I'm super proud of my baldies little Mohawk! #baldbabyprobs #baldbabyproblems

A photo posted by Alison Dye (@alicdye) on

Bug bite on the head #baldbabyproblems #bbp #mikeyspencer

A photo posted by tiffymaegan (@tiffymaegan) on


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