05/15/2015 02:02 EDT | Updated 05/25/2015 01:59 EDT

28 Crab Recipes For Cakes, Dips, Curries And More

No Spoon Necessary

If you've always avoided cooking crab, we get it, it can be intimidating — what do we do with those claws? But after a few lessons on de-shelling a crab, you'll be on your way to make your very own crustacean dishes right in your kitchen.

Canada's actually the world’s largest producer of snow crab, a type of crustacean found in the North Atlantic and North Pacific oceans. But if you don't live on the east coast, chances are you can still find imported fresh crab in your city. You can also buy crab canned, frozen or parts of it — like the legs, for example — on their own.

Crab can be prepared in several different ways, including broiling, frying, steaming, and made into everything from appetizers to dinners to snacks, if you're up for it.

Check out the list of 28 of our favourite crab recipes below. From spicy crab curries to crab cakes to savoury crab pastries, there's something in here for everyone. Let us know how you eat your crab!

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