05/15/2015 11:43 EDT | Updated 05/15/2015 11:59 EDT

Man Buys House, Gets Wife Thrown In For Free

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Low section of newly wed couple

You may remember a few months back we reported on a woman in Indonesia who put her house up for sale with an unusual signing bonus: Her hand in marriage.

Well, it looks like the unique sales pitch worked.

According to news reports out of Indonesia, Wina Lia has sold her villa in Yogyakarta to one Redy Eko Saputro, a 46-year-old widower who just happened to be looking for a house in town, along with, apparently, a wife.

Lia put the two-bedroom, one-sixth-acre villa up for sale last March for the equivalent of C$95,000, and offered her hand in marriage as an optional extra.

She said she did it at the advice of her realtor, to whom she’d mentioned she was a widow who had been raising two kids on her own since 2001.

One caveat: The suitor had to be “a devout Muslim who can … teach [his wife] how to properly wear a hijab.”

Lia says she was inundated with calls after her ad went viral, but in a nicely Brady Bunch-esque turn of events, she met a widower who was raising two kids of his own. And those kids just happened to be studying in Yogyakarta, and were pressuring dad to move to the city anyway.

It seems like a match made in online heaven,” reports.

Lia told Free Malaysia Today that she had expressions of interest from a Saudi man as well as another Indonesian, but “it was Redy who she had fallen for.”

Wedding plans are reportedly already underway.

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