05/15/2015 06:35 EDT | Updated 05/15/2015 06:59 EDT

Emma Blackery Shows What Social Media Sites Would Be Like On A Date

Snapchat: "Only here for 10 seconds"

Most of us spend so much time on social media that we're practically in a relationship with it already.

But what would happen if we actually went on a date our favourite social network?

In a YouTube video uploaded earlier this week, British vlogger Emma Blackery dresses up as Snapchat, Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter and Google+ to show what the sites would be like as people on dates.

Snapchat, obviously, will ditch you too early. Twitter is still getting over #ZaynMalik, and let's just say Google+ has some self-esteem issues.

Basically, after watching this video you'll want to put your mobile devices down and maybe mingle with a few, you know, humans.

Watch the hilarious video above.

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