05/15/2015 03:22 EDT | Updated 05/15/2016 05:59 EDT

Teresa Robinson's death: Apparent mauling of girl a homicide, RCMP say

Manitoba RCMP are treating the death of 11-year-old Teresa Robinson as a homicide.

The girl's body was found on Garden Hill First Nation on May 11.

Community members believed she had been mauled by an animal, but RCMP said Friday they believe the young girl was the victim of a homicide.

An autopsy was performed on Wednesday, and some aspects of it are continuing. RCMP said they still have not been able to positively identify the body, though they believe it's Robinson's.

RCMP said foul play is suspected in her death, and while her remains had been disturbed by animals, there's no evidence to suggest that animals played a part in her death.

The girl was reported missing to police on May 11, but had disappeared after going to a birthday party in Garden Hill on May 5.

A local search began days after she didn't return home.

RCMP said no arrests have been made, and details on the timeline of her disappearance and killing will not be released because of "their relevance to this investigation."