05/17/2015 07:50 EDT | Updated 05/17/2016 05:59 EDT

Ada Guan, Wes Branch, parents of surprise airplane baby Chloe, say they shouldn't have sought $50,000

The Victoria, B.C. couple who made international headlines when they delivered a surprise baby on board an Air Canada flight say they regret seeking $50,000 through crowdfunding donations. 

The couple said the idea came from a family member who suggested the couple seek $50,000 from donors. 

Branch said the couple didn't know how crowdfunding worked when they initially set up the GoFundMe site asking for financial support.

"Any kind of donation or help will be much appreciated to help pay for these unexpected expenses as I am unemployed and Ada will need to stay home with Chloe until we're settle," Branch wrote on the page. 

Guan works part-time and Branch is currently unemployed. 

Backlash over crowdfunding

After requesting $50,000 from donors, the online community lashed back at the young couple, calling them greedy and accusing them of trying to capitalize on the situation. 

Branch said he was initially angry at the response from the online community over the couple's request for help.

"It made me really mad, it made me want to reply to these people, but I said to myself I won't. I am just going to raise my baby." 

The couple has since reduced the asking amount from $50,000 to $5,000 and by Sunday donors had sent in $1,365.

Guan said the stress over the last week has been immense. 

"We didn't know if we would make it through the week."

Mother's Day surprise birth

​Guan said she didn't know she was pregnant until giving birth. 

She said she peed on a stick about a month ago and the results came back negative. 

On Mother's Day last week, Guan, 23, and her boyfriend Branch got on a flight from Calgary to visit family in Japan.

Guan went into labour somewhere above Russia and the baby was born five hours later.