05/18/2015 07:02 EDT | Updated 05/18/2016 05:59 EDT

Driver's golf cart seized after RCMP spot him on road and ask for breath sample

BOYLE, Alta. - Police in Alberta confiscated a golf cart after they say the driver was impaired.

RCMP say an officer was patrolling a summer village east of Boyle on Saturday night when the cart was spotted driving on the road.

The officer stopped the cart for violating the Traffic Safety Act, but also noticed the driver had been drinking asked for a breath sample.

According to police, the driver blew in excess of .05.

His license was immediately suspended for three days and the cart was also seized for three days as well.

The man was also issued a $310 ticket for driving an unregistered motor vehicle, and a female passenger was issued a $115 ticket for transporting liquor in an open container.