05/19/2015 11:08 EDT | Updated 05/19/2016 05:59 EDT

Feral cats targeted in proposed Trail bylaw

With locals frustrated about their gardens being used as litter boxes, the City of Trail is considering a new bylaw to target its stray cat problem.

"Residents of a particular area of West Trail are experiencing difficulties with feral cats that seem to originate from a certain property," staff noted in a report to council.

Over the past year, the SPCA has trapped 57 stray cats in West Trail alone, and the mayor said it's time to take action.

"It's become an an annoyance to a number of residents in the area," said Trail Mayor Mike Martin.

"The cats have become attracted to the area and part of the reason is some of the residents are actually feeding these cats."

City council is considering a ban on feeding stray cats, and limiting the number of cats allowed on one property through licensing or voluntary registration.

Danielle Jackman of the B.C. SPCA branch in Trail supports the change.

"They can multiply. Two cats, one male and one female can have up to 50 kittens, so it just keeps growing exponentially."