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Kids Cell Phone: They're Getting Them Younger Than You Think

When do most kids get their first cell phone? At age 12 or 13? Nope. A new American study suggests that the actual age is much younger. The video above reveals the findings from Child Guide Magazine's study and asks some parents for their perspective.

Matthew Wood of Voucher Cloud commented on the research, saying: “Children have access to technology at younger and younger ages. It’s not necessarily the bad thing it’s often made out to be; children learn about taking responsibility for things, looking after their possessions and they are much easier to contact if needed, but it’s crucial that they use this technology in a way that doesn’t affect their normal social skills and growth.

"As much as a cell phone may feel like another limb, human beings can still function without one! So having a turn-off time for family bonding is a good idea.”

What age do you think is appropriate for a child to have a cell phone?

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