05/20/2015 02:51 EDT | Updated 05/20/2015 09:59 EDT

Michelle Obama Works Out On Twitter (And Trolls Her Husband At The Same Time)

As you might have heard, Barack Obama, otherwise known as the President of the United States (or POTUS) joined Twitter this weekend. But his wife, First Lady Michelle Obama (or FLOTUS), has been rocking the social medium for a while — and isn't afraid to use it to her advantage.

When the White House launched their fitness-oriented #GimmeFive challenge, they directed it right at FLOTUS, who is well known for her advocacy of fitness and healthy eating.

But Michelle was having none of it. Sure, Barack can sip some water and have standing meetings, but you know what makes the difference between being healthy and being fit? Having a workout that looks like this:

Yep, we'll be following Michelle's fitness advice — or any advice — any day. In fact, FLOTUS-style might just have to be our new mantra.

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