05/20/2015 02:39 EDT | Updated 05/19/2016 05:59 EDT

#NHLPlayoffs: Ducks, Blackhawks evenly matched in triple OT

Tuesday night's Game 2 of the #avianseries was a truly hard fought battle on both sides.

Going into triple overtime, both Chicago and Anaheim were not letting up. There were crossbars hit, and even a disallowed header, but in the end the Chicago Blackhawks were victorious, tieing the series up 1-1. 

The Blackhwaks and Ducks are obviously evenly matched on ice, so we wanted to see how they stack up against each other off ice.

Ducks fans #paintitorange while Blackhawks fans say #webleedred, different colours, but the same sentiment. Let's see how they do head to head as we bring you...

Battle of the Fans: Avian Edition

1. Mascot photo

Point: Chicago fan-Tommy Hawk on your back, beats Wild Wing at your side any day. 

2. Pets that cheer

Point: Anaheim fan- LITERALLY ducks. 

3. Their shoes

Point: Chicago fan-While we appreciate Anaheim's minimalist approach, those Chicago fans come hard with the shoe game. Embroidery!

4. Their accessories

Point: Anaheim fan-Both fans wear their team on their sleeve...but Anaheim does it with a bit more permanence. 

5. Their baked goods

Point: Chicago fan-While we love the "home made" feel of the Ducks goods, we prefer the sheer size of the Blackhawks.

6. Their #CBCHockeyMug

Point: Tie-Both teams do frosted glass well

6. Their hijacking of beloved animated characters

Point: Anaheim fan-We know Homer Simpson is not actually a Ducks fan (duh, Springfield isn't in California), but they get points for the Photoshop work.

7. Their life milestones

Point: Tie-Both take commitment and cost a lot of money. 

Both teams do fandom well, so to break the tie we decided to do a simple Google search.

8. Google image search

Point: Chicago- Clear winner due to the war machine...but wait perhaps we spoke to soon. 

Final: Tie-Clearly these fans, just like these teams, are very evenly matched. Looking forward to Game 3.