05/20/2015 07:09 EDT | Updated 05/25/2015 01:59 EDT

This Is How You Bring Stale Bread Back To Life

If you live alone and don't entertain often, you might make a rule against buying loaves of bread, because they'll often go stale before you can finish them.

Crispy baguettes in particular can get dried out on the ends, causing the loaf to bend and frown. But just because you can't eat it all in one sitting doesn't mean you shouldn't buy it when you have a craving.

In the video above by Food and Wine, Justin Chapple shares a simple trick that will help revive a stale loaf of bread. All you need is some tap water and a fired-up oven, and in a few short minutes, your day-old bread will be as good as new.

How do you extend the life of your fresh bread? Tell us in the comments below then watch the video above to learn the two-step trick.

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