05/21/2015 16:40 EDT | Updated 05/21/2016 01:12 EDT

A revised list of the Prince Edward Island cabinet ministers because of changes

CHARLOTTETOWN - Here is a list of cabinet ministers in Prince Edward Island:Wade MacLauchlan — premier, president of the executive council, minister of justice and aboriginal affairs, and minister responsible for Acadian and francophone affairs.Richard Brown — minister of workforce and advanced learning.Doug Currie — minister of health and wellness, and minister of family and human services.Alan McIsaac — minister of agriculture and fisheries.Allen Roach — minister of finance.Paula Biggar — minister of transportation, infrastructure and energy, and minister responsible for the status of women.Robert Mitchell — minister of communities, land and environment.Heath MacDonald — minister of economic development and tourism.Hal Perry — minister of education, early learning, and culture.