05/21/2015 03:08 EDT | Updated 05/21/2015 03:59 EDT

Timeline: Layoffs In Alberta's Energy Sector

The cuts will hit Alberta the hardest, but extend across the country." data-caption="As gas prices plummet and many oil and gas workers face unemployment in the upcoming year, a new report has charted the transition from oil and gas to green energy in Canada. Better prospects for jobs–sun, wind and water are more widely distributed across the nation than oil f..." data-credit="dayblakelydonaldson/Flickr">

A new report says the Canadian energy industry could see as many as 185,000 direct and indirect job losses this year — a figure that does not bode well for Alberta, Canada's oil and gas capital.

The report, released earlier this week by the labour market division of Enform, says the cuts are the result of a major rollback in spending and budgets in the oilpatch, and the potential losses could represent a 25 per cent drop in energy sector jobs.

Carol Howes, director of Enform's labour market division, said the 2015 downturn is directly tied to the recent drop in oil prices, and predicts that engineering construction firms are at highest risk to lose jobs, while exploration and development drilling stand to record the second-highest number of job losses.

Alberta has already felt the effect of the downturn, with reductions in many company workforces so far.

Some companies say they aim curb already steep revenue losses, while others claim there's not enough work to go around.

Here's a look at some of the largest layoffs and cutbacks in Alberta's energy sector since the beginning of 2015:

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