Alyssa De La Sala, 10, Makes $10,000 From Lemonade Stand

A Florida girl set up a lemonade stand to help raise money to rebuild her family’s home after it was destroyed in a fire. Impressively, 10-year-old Alyssa De La Sala managed to earn nearly $10,000 from her business in one day!

After setting up her stand on May 16, Alyssa went on a local radio show to ask them to support her business. The station then asked their Tampa affiliate WFTS to help out, which is what drew a huge crowd.

“I was totally amazed by the turnout,” Joe De La Sala, Alyssa’s father, said. “There are a lot of people who are in a lot worse situations but to see people still come out and support us for what we’re going through it’s really amazing. I’m at a loss of words.”

The De La Sala’s home was completely destroyed by a fire in March 2013. Two years later, the family is still waiting for repairs to be done, despite being told by a contractor that it would only take a few months. Alyssa, her 13-year-old brother Damien, and her parents are now living in an apartment for the time being.

Seeing her family struggle, Alyssa decided to take action. She not only set up the lemonade stand with her brother, but also sold baked goods. “She took it upon herself to just want to do something to help mommy and daddy, I don't think she expected it to be anything like this either,” said Jenn De La Sala, Alyssa's mother.

According to WWLP, some people paid as much as $1,000 for one cup of lemonade.

The De La Salas need about $70,000 to finish construction on their home. Thanks to Alyssa’s lemonade stand and the families GoFundMe page, they have earned almost $15,000 towards their goal.

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