05/21/2015 15:08 EDT | Updated 05/21/2016 01:12 EDT

Police investigate after store customers report potatoes contain metal objects

Police are investigating three cases of metal objects found in potatoes sold in grocery stores in Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island.The RCMP says a resident contacted them on May 19 after finding a nail in a potato from a bag of Farmer's Market spuds. The bag was purchased from the Atlantic Superstore in Antigonish in late April or early May.A nail in another Farmer's Market potato purchased at a No Frills grocery store in Barrington Passage was reported to RCMP on May 20.Prince Edward Island RCMP also say a customer turned in a potato with a metal object in it on May 18.Investigators say it was purchased from the Atlantic Superstore in Montague.No injuries were reported in any of the cases.